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New Products

New Products

Here I want to introduce you the new hybrids.
In addition, I have also this year the Garden orchid trademark 'Garden Orchid', as well as some natural species new to the range.


Frosch's Harlequin Cypripedium 'Frosch's Harlequin' 47,00 EUR
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Cypripedium Frosch's Mother Earth Cypripedium 'Frosch's Mother Earth' 49,00 EUR
Price includes VAT,excl shipping costs
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You can study all presented Cypripedium hybrids (slipper orchids) without obligation and order direct online.
Planting period
All Cypripedium hybrids are just sent at the best time for planting in the fall (in early October).
Orders are open all year round and can be reserved binding for fall shipping.
New Products
I am pleased again this year to offer new orchids for the garden in flowering size for sale. 2017, I can offer a lot of new hybrids. See heading: 'New products'
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