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Cyclamen - Cyclamen garden
Flowers and leaves with special charm
Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) is one of the stars for a long time among the houseplants, but there are species that are hardy and grow well in the garden. These distinctive perennials are a bright spot for semi-shady garden areas and are also ideal for planting under trees and shrubs. Windy, drafty places they hate, but love any rich, well drained and slightly alkaline soil. They sow then from itself and form over the years, dense, flowering carpets. The bulbs are planted 10 cm deep.
The flowering period extends over the whole year: In January, the Cyclamen coum opens its flowers in suitable weather conditions, in the summer we enjoy the fragrant C. europaeum and autumn the C. hederifolium. The color spectrum of the flowers range from pure white to a deep purple.
Each leaf is unique
Not only are the flowers the special appeal of this perennial, even the foliage is very decorative. The rounded and also heart-shaped leaves often have a beautiful light to dark green or a silvery marble.
Protection of the Species
The home of the garden cyclamen is the southern Europe and Asia Minor. In Turkey, the stocks of wild species on native site declined dramatically and it has now been placed on the conservation list. All offered Cyclamen are guaranteed from horticultural propagation.  
Perennials for half-shade
A small but fine selection of perennials for half-shade. For example, liverworts, aroids, Epimedium, hosta.
Hardy outdoor ferns
Beauty without flowers and fruits
Ferns are one of the oldest plant families on earth and have proven to be very adaptable. At suitable locations they can remain undisturbed for decades. The variety of hardy ferns for the garden is stunning. A few extra nice, small-growing varieties that fit well in the neighborhood of Cypripedium, are in my quote.
Note: All accompanying plants are potted. Spring and autumn delivery.
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Planting period
All Cypripedium hybrids are just sent at the best time for planting in the fall (in early October).
Orders received by around the end of March will be shipped in the spring. Orders received later will be reserved for autumn shipping.
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