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The trademark 'Frosch ®'

Frosch ExklusivstaudenUnder the brand Frosch ® Exclusive Perennials a trademark has been registered, which is high expectations and they can guarantee you success and enjoyment of your newly purchased orchids for the garden. Mr. Werner Frosch in Germany is the pioneer of Cypripedium-growing. His work, we have to thank that Cypripedium hybrids were created, in their claims long is not as high as the natural forms.

I want to make this horticultural increased lady slipper orchids available to everyone.

They grow with us zoom in sometimes harsh but Allgäu climate, are well adapted to normal garden conditions, and only come to sell, when they reach four to five years, a flowering size. From this point on, the plants are also so strong that increased their number of rungs, and the customer can be expected within a few years so that develop great clumps - a beautiful and valuable focal point in your garden!
Kräftige Rhizome von Cypripedium 'Gisela'
Strong rhizomes of Cypripedium 'Gisela'.
A vigorous rhizome guarantees a speedy further grow in your garden. The roots are white to cream and without rotting. Also important are the root tips, they should not be damaged and are of a light yellow color.
Important: It is not the length of the shoot bud decides on the expulsion in the following year, but its thickness. She is about to flowering size pencil strong. If you buy in October, the rhizomes are in their resting phase and the shoot for next year is already set. Good care in the next growing season, you can influence the shoot for the following year low. In summer, the plant produces the scion bud for the following year, and new roots. Good growing conditions and occasional fertilizer at this stage are very important.
I guarantee identity and good quality at the time of delivery. Please note that hybrids can in some way be subject to color variations.
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You can study all presented Cypripedium hybrids (slipper orchids) without obligation and order direct online.
Planting period
All Cypripedium hybrids are just sent at the best time for planting in the fall (in early October).
Orders received by around the end of March will be shipped in the spring. Orders received later will be reserved for autumn shipping.
New Products
I am pleased again this year to offer new orchids for the garden in flowering size for sale. 2023, I can offer a lot of new hybrids. See heading: 'New products'
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